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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  August 17, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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if you live in the united states and you follow the u.s. convention of writing out calendar dates like this, a digit representing the month and then two digits representing the day of the month and two digits representing the year, and look written that way today's date is the same going backwards and forwards. backwards it is also 8-17-18. do you feel the cosmic bliss? tomorrow will be 8-19-18. thank you. 8-18-18, sorry. and then sunday will be 8-19-18. which is also the same backwards. may not be nearly as comforting to you as me. math and symmetry may not be your thing, but in a world that can use some balance, i will take it. happy 8-17-18 backwards.
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i turn now to my colleague ari melber live in washington. >> one point with brennan that i thought was so interesting in your interview, he seemed to want to convey to you and everyone watching that he doesn't view what he's saying as politics. he's giving his analysis and this whole retaliation that you are documents and discussed with him is designed to make people look at him that way. >> yes. and when i pressed him specifically on his use of the term, the phrase nothing short of treasonous, he not only didn't back down from that, it got, in his words, it got his irish up. he absolutely defended it. not just the right to say it but the basis to say that and made very, very strong remarks down that line throughout the interview. this is john brennan unbowed absolutely. >> unbowed and telling everyone what he thinks we need to know
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about what's going on. it was really fascinating. glad to watch it. thank you so much, rachel. >> thanks, ari. good luck to tonight. >> tonight donald trump faces mounting pressure. a federal jury will take this weekend off before resuming these deliberations on the fate of his campaign manager paul manafort and bob mueller now tonight recommending jail time for george papadopoulos. new warnings that republicans not only trail democrats by six points in polling over who could win the mid-terms but a blue wave could mark an end to the trump presidency. that may be motivating for many liberal voters. take this new video that's aiming to rile up conservative turnout by arguing this is now a war for the trump presidency. it comes from a multimillion dollar campaign by former trump campaign chair steve bannon
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returning from exile to help congressional republicans whether they want his help or not. bannon is one of the most controversial figures in u.s. politics for many reasons. but it can be hard to see what's happening in the midterms without seeing what he's up to. people can't decide what to do about developments in our politics if what's happening is not exposed or not known or not confronted. while bannon has tried a big role in politics, he rarely goes on tv, he has never taken questions from an msnbc analyst on air. that changes tonight. plus, independent analysis, adversarial reaction and fact checking from our panel of journalists and political analysts who are with me live. i want to be clear up front, this interview had no ground rules, nothing off limits. we talked about bannon's project for the mid-terms, his donors, his political record, the time's up movement, his view of james
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comey's fires and why mueller views him as a witness to both the collusion and obstruction investigation that's going on right now. bannon also recounts the first time he and mueller ever spoke at the doorway to donald trump's oval office. here is part of our discussion starting with the midterms. >> let's start with the midterms. if they were held today, who do you think would win the house? >> i think if they were held today, we'd have a tough time holding the house. i really do. i think it could be north of 25 maybe 30 seats. maybe north of that. the people are projecting 45 or 50 seats. i believe by november 6th, we're going to win this. i think all this takes is people on our side of the football focussing on what has to happen. this is an up or down vote on president trump. this election will come as a referendum on him. he permeates the entire political culture. i think those around him are
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telling him, hey, it is okay to lose the house. you can work with the democrats and work with a democrat house in 2020 is bad advice. i have made a film that's focussed on getting out the trump base, the deplorables plus the blue collar democrats. the opposition party media and the democrats succeed in one thing. i think they dead get a do-over to 2016 and i think this is his first re-elect. >> you said you will save the trump presidency in these midterms. does he know he needs you to save him? >> i don't think the quote was we're going to save him. what we're trying to do is get this message focussed. the message is about president trump, a referendum on president trump. to me it is an up or down vote. i think the democrats are running as an impeachment campaign. i think our side has to understand that. you just can't run on tax cuts. you have to run on the entire package of the trump presidency. >> you think impeachment is on the ballot why?
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>> the grass roots of the democratic party have put it on the ballot and so has nancy pel pelosi. if the congressmen in your district, you have to come out to help president trump. there are people in these districts in july in 90 degree heat going door to door. the reason they're going door to door is they're talking about the impeachment of president trump. all we're saying is, hey, it is already on the ballot. let's do it. >> your new group of citizens of the american public. you say we're at war. what does that really mean? >> the film says trump at war. trump is at war about the political class. >> it is your film. >> it is a film called "trump at war." it shows you he is at war with the opposition party media and basically he's at economic war
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with china. and, so, i think that when you look at this film you see that president trump is a disrupter and an innovator. you see he is kind of delivering on the promises he put forward to the american people, that he's not into just managing the decline of the country, but he's going to try to turn the country around. it is a film that is focussed on getting our base jacked up and our base out. because if we don't get our base out on november 6th, we'll have a bad day at the polls. it is very important that the trump voter, the invisible trump voter show up like a presidential election. >> what do you say to republicans who say why should they take your help if you haven't backed winning candidates thus far? >> i think i did back winning candidates in the primary. the republican establishment in alabama, roy moore specifically. roy moore would have won that election if mitch mcconnell and these others hadn't turned against him.
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we have a very good feel on how to win. i have been very involved in this since the tea party, you know, the tea party election in 2010. so i think we have a very good idea of how to make these films and get people out. >> how can you blame republicans in washington for what happened in alabama? >> he came out on sunday morning on national tv and said i'm not voting for roy moore. mcconnell was the guy -- it is the republican establishment that dumped all this stuff to the washington post that turned against him when their candidate got smoked in the primary. so it was the republican establishment that said from day one, we're not only going to support roy moore, they were meeting to unseat roy moore and unseat him if he won. that was the republican establishment turning against him. >> how much money does your group have? >> we've raised, you know, quite a bit of money. we made a pretty impressive
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film. i have a 25 person staff. we run a war room every day. we do talking points. >> $5 million? >> over $5 million, yes. >> over $10 million. >> i don't want to put a specific number on it. >> is it fair to say between $5 million and $10 million. >> we have enough resources pouring in from do nors and we will start a small do nor program. i have never had a problem getting resources. you know, whether it was with breitbart or doing other things. >> you're also very rich and you know a lot of rich people. >> i have had a pretty good run and i know some high net worth individuals. >> who is funding this group? >> private donorsdonors. >> why not tell people who they are? the law allows you to go public or private. >> if donors want to come forward, they can. i think you would say that we are very much focussed on -- we're the china hawk, c4.
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i'm very up front on what the situation is with china and there are people that back this that are china hawks. >> for them, they want to make money off of what comes off of these elections because of their positions with china. >> no, no, no. it is because of their patriotism. >> is there anyone you would not take money from? >> well, i would not take money from foreigners, right? i'm pretty selective about who i take money from. i have always had great partners. but i have never had a problem raising money. i think you have seen particularly in wall street and others you see a lot of people
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that come from blue collar backgrounds that like this populism, that like the trump program that are pretty supportive. >> your critics say you talk a lot of smack about wall street but then you are funded by wall street. >> not funded by wall street but certain individuals. >> you told me it includes people with a position in china is what you just said. >> people that understand our position in china, people that understand that we're the china hawks. >> the question you understand, though, is how do you take on wall street if you are funded by wall street. >> individuals on wall street, some of the biggest guys on wall street are quite anti the antics that wall street has been up to. you know what the game is. just because you made some money on wall street or just because you are currently in a hedge fund doesn't mean you don't know what the practices of wall street are. in fact, i think it's been a
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great way for some people that are blue collar, come from blue collar backgrounds to get ahead. >> the main piece of economic legislation that has been passed in the trump administration is the tax bill. most of those benefits go to the very wealthy. is that a mistake? >> hang on a second. the central part of the tax bill was also the corporate tax bill to make sure we were competitive with germany and china. if you look at manufacturing coming back here, it is part and parcel of the situation we're in with the tariffs, the economic package and the tax package, that was the central part of it. >> are you global? >> not globally. i'm talking about what happened here. what happened here in manufacturing jobs coming back. that's why you have got such economic growth in the country. one of the reasons is the tax bill. now, i wasn't totally -- i didn't actually love some of the things on the index. wall street journal reported in the in the oval office. i lost that fight.
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not that that can't be re-addressed sometime in the future. >> when you see 83% going to the top 1%, is that too much? >> i think what's important is what's happening with corporate america is that corporate america is becoming more competitive and we're repatriots to come back here and invest in the united states. i think it is about manufacturing jobs. if you look at president's trump's over all agenda, it is working. >> the president went to mar-a-lago and told people the tax bill, quote, you all just got a lot richer. is that your populism? >> i think populism, when you look at president trump, is about his entire program. this tax cut was focussed on industrial tax cut. it was to make the manufacturing side of this country stronger. we had the 100%, you know, write-off of capital expenditure. this was all about rebuilding
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the manufacturing base. am i totally excited about every aspect of the tax bill? not that excited. remember, i was a big supporter of paul ryan's border adjustability tax and that didn't go anywhere. so we went to plan b. i think given the context and given the situation, this is a very strong tax bill. >> that is the beginning of our discussion. more ahead on msnbc. we get into the me too movement. i ask him about charlottesville, robert mueller and the trump tower meeting. further reaction from our panel that's watching right along with you at home. hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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steve bannon famously defended donald trump against allegations of sexual misconduct and his political operation doubled down on ray moore after allegations that he preyed on underage girls. it's mostly democrats running against trump. plus, these grows movements like me too and time's up. today i asked bannon about time's up, about the rising opposition of trump among women and whether the movements are a constructive force to advance equality and force changes on what he refers to as the pay tree arky. >> what does time's up mean to you? >> that it's time's up in the end of pa tree arky. so i think you have the time's
10:18 pm
up movement. you have what i call the resistance and then i think you have impeach the president. i think those three elements are kind of the enthusiasm on the left. >> time's up. given the history of gender relations in this country and around the world and the desire for gender equality, isn't that a good thing? >> my oldest daughter is a west point graduate that served with 101st airborne. sitting on the thrown of saddam hussein in her uniform with 101st airborne. i am a huge believer in equality and my daughters are living proof of that and the rest of my family. so, no, i'm a huge believer in that. i think in the time's up movement as a subset of that, some of the things like sexual harassment is something that
10:19 pm
needs to be done. i'm not 100% with the time's up movement but i can see it is a powerful political force. i think someone like oprah winfrey can come out of that. >> is it constructive? >> i think it is constructive to always review things like this. i think that it's always good to question your assumptions. so i think that some of the things are coming out of it. particularly what we found out in some of these companies that things went on. i think it is quite positive. >> the way you talk about your daughter is very different from the way donald trump talks. times that by a gender gap that is 20 points in negative views of the president. >> first of all -- >> let me finish the question. you will get your time. is this party walking away from women voters or college educated
10:20 pm
women voters? >> we won, what, white women 52-48 over hillary clinton, the first female nominee in history. and so donald trump does resonate with that. >> let me respond and i'll give you more time. >> okay, fine. >> the gender gap at 11 points was the largest in 20 years. >> right, right. >> go ahead. >> but i think a lot of that was also minority women. and donald trump, i think we won 8% of overall african-american voters. but i think we had a big turnout in african-american women. >> the question is is donald trump walking away and walking the gop away from these women voters. >> look at ivanka. she is talking about job training and all these other things. i think she's very engaged. you see the way donald trump has a terrific relationship with his daughter and his wife shows what he thinks about this. a lot of things that people jump
10:21 pm
on some of the tweets or they jumped on some of the things that allegedly happened during the campaign or women that came out during the campaign to stop it as we pushed that. let's go to billy bush weekend. everybody said he should resign. people walked away from the campaign. and what he did is he presented the facts of the locker room talk and we went to st. louis the next night and i brought the people that bill clinton had actually molested. i think the american people voted in november. >> you brought adult women who were accusers of bill clinton and you said they should be heard. the response from people is what about the accusers of donald trump? should they be heard? he's facing suits from them. and roy moore, who you backed, of course, based his own accusers, incling multiple women who say he preyed on them under 18. you brought it up. >> by the way, if they want to
10:22 pm
come forward, they should come forward. some of them are coming forward in the court system right now. so if they want to come forward, they're not shy about going after donald trump. back to your question, donald trump hasn't abandoned women. he has not abandoned women at all. if you look at the economy, if you look at what he's doing across the board, they're the beneficiaries of this. >> you bring up those accusers. >> yep. >> what do you say to people who see your backing of roy moore, who was accused of legally worse things and they think -- i'll finish the question and you get time. steve, steve, i will finish the question and i will give you your response time. >> yes, sir. >> what do you say to people who say to you, is the only standard here partisan ship and whether you like the candidate if you are not giving roy moore's accusers the same time? >> they had time during the time. they came forward. they had the washington post. you can't sit there -- you can't sit there and not have adequate representation.
10:23 pm
>> the question is your view. >> the question gets to be how legitimate were those? did they ever turn out to be something. >> did it ever shake your view? >> no. >> did you say maybe i shouldn't be with this person? >> absolutely not. because we looked at the allegations. i don't believe it then. i did not believe it then. i do not believe it today. maybe i change my mind. but the facts that i saw then and the facts i see now absolutely not. >> bottom line and a lot of people disagree vehemently with your view of it. but you are saying with what was an 11 point gap that currently is 20, you think somehow it will close. >> i think somehow we can definitely close it from 20. do we get it to the 11? i don't know. i think more importantly we can close it in those districts that we have to win to hold the house. there's no doubt about that. >> an important set of questions there. we will go next to our first
10:24 pm
reaction from this panel about steve bannon and what you just heard. steve bannon will explain when he first heard about the firing of james comey and what bob mueller said to him the first time in the white house. fruits and veggies are essential to your health, but it's tough to get enough of their nutrients. new one a day with nature's medley is the only complete multivitamin with antioxidants from one total serving of fruits and veggies try new one a day with nature's medley.
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now we turn to our panelists, steve schmidt, nira tanden and the roots jason johnson. now we're about to hear our panels rebuttals to steve bannon tonight. here are briefly a few of the aggressive claims he made today about his approach to some of these midterms. >> i think the democrats and particularly the grass roots democrats are running as an
10:28 pm
impeachment campaign. our side has to understand that. you just can't run on tax cuts. i fought for a 44% tax for people making over $5 million. i lost that fight. >> the question is is donald trump walking away and walking the gop away from these women voters. >> he's definitely not. i can see it is a very powerful political force. the opposition party media and the democrats succeed in one thing. i think they did get a do-over to 2016 and this is his first re-elect. trump is at war with the political class, the opposition party media and basically he's at economic war with china. >> nira? >> look, i think this interview demonstrates that bannon is and always has been basically a charlotte tin. let me make a few points. first on the tax cut, donald trump and steve bannon acted as if they were champions of the
10:29 pm
working class. they have stayed stagnant or fallen behind. the tax cut is going -- as you noted to the 81%. 81% is going to the top 1%. but wages are falling behind, even with this trade war. the whole idea that the president is -- donald trump is some kind of president of the working class is a joke. let me just say on the whole issue of time's up, i might agree with him in the power of the time's up movement. but frankly, the idea that you can talk about the time's up movement in any positive term and then support donald trump who is credibly accused by 16 women and roy moore who was accused of basically pedophilia demonstrates that he's -- you know, he's a shar lit tan but out of the mainstream that's considered reasonable in american politics.
10:30 pm
>> any time that you talk about steve bannon it is important to mention he is a white nationalist and a terrorist sympathizer. he is not a believer in american democracy. these are important things to mention because every single shen than began he spouts about government and elections, these are not things he believes in. these are things he performs on television in order to make people not realize he is a ter rofism sympathizer. the core what he was saying is nonsense. he pounds like a pimp saying, hey, i got a great plan for you to pay for your college tuition. you can't say that you support overall democracy and dismiss the fact that you only got 3% of african-american women to vote for you. you can't say i won't take foreign funds and then crisscross across europe and the
10:31 pm
u.k. and italy, constantly getting material support from other right wing fasish sympathizing wings abroad. he is a terrorist sympathizer and a danger to the american public. >> steve schmidt? >> i'm going to start out by agreeing with something that steve bannon said. this midterm election, which i believe is the most important midterm election in american history, it is a referendum on donald trump. the country is either going to repudiate trumpism or embrace it. as a business proposition what steve bannon is saying correctly is if the election were tomorrow, you could see losses in the republican house of 25, 30, as high as 40, 45 seats. basically what he's doing is fleecing donors saying i will be able to make this race something other than a referendum about donald trump. i will be able to put it back on
10:32 pm
the democrats. that's not going to happen. but i suspect he will raise some money about it. what's true about the tax cut is it added a trillion dollars to the national debt and did nothing to lift wages of income for working people in this country. and lastly, this idea that there is a resurgence because of the tax cut of manufacturing jobs flooding back into the country is preposterous and nonsensical. let me just say the idea that he said with a straight face and with conviction that we should be at economic war with china, that his policy, his advocacy for these tariffs against a country that holds trillions of dollars of our debit and our paper in an integrated global economy is complete and total crack pottery. it is terrible for the american consumer. it is even worse for the american working person, and
10:33 pm
it's just completely outside the economic and political mainstream, and it's going to do a lot of damage over the next year to a lot of people, including in the places where trump won and in no small measure in places like faye yet county iowa where soy bean farmers will be dez mated where they lose their markets because of this policy. >> look, i agree with what steve is saying about the people that are going to be hurt by his policies. i think the reality is that donald trump claimed to speak for a whole number of people who were struggling in the economy. and those people are struggling, if not the same, much more because of donald trump's policies, the farmers that are being hurt by trade, the people in factories who are being hurt by his trade policies as well as overall that tax cut was a giant bait and switch. it was something that really
10:34 pm
helped wall street, ceos and the bottom line companies and really hurt working people, which is the kind of rhetoric that bannon used to attack during this swap. i think that's why bannon demonstrates it is all just a fraud. it is an effort to raise money. >> is there an avenue here for the people who oppose bannon to make the argument that you can expose that all the things that are around the middle class don't seem to get done? he also told me he didn't get the infrastructure bill. he didn't get the real glass break up of the banks. he says he's mad it didn't happen. meanwhile, the tax cuts is the one thing that did happen. >> he doesn't have a record of accomplishment. neither does the president. that's why his economic referendum is so ingenius. so you got donald trump in office. you ran against one of the least popular democrats in history. you can be proud of ourself and pat yourself on the back. he hasn't demonstrated a lot of
10:35 pm
political skill since then. he does haven't the rhetorical skills to justify the economic policies that fail people. he wants to pretend he can trick republicans into following him down another pit where they will lose this fall. nobody should listen to him, whether it's economic policy or even campaign policy passed 2016. >> what we're going to do next is get into real revelations because steve bannon talks to me about the trump tower meeting and his meeting with mueller. if you have moderate to severe
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steve bannon is very polarizing. plenty of people don't want to hear anymore from him. but bob mueller is not one of them. today i was able to press steve bannon on why he told me he is a fact witness to both collusion and obstruction issues in this russia probe. he told me a story we have never heard directly from bannon on air before, how he met bob mueller inside the trump white house days before he was named special counsel and as mueller was walking into the oval office to meet with donald trump about the embattled fbi. we now know that was the last time that bob mueller and donald trump spoke face to face. i also pressed steve bannon about his standard for treasonous conduct at that trump tower meeting. here are these key russia highlights. >> so when i basically laid out the facts of what i thought the
10:40 pm
comey situation was, if people decided to go in a different direction, then it's not my thing. i'm not there to try to fight things to the very end. >> so you advised that. walk us through the day he was fired. >> i see it on tv like everybody else. i'm sitting in the chief of staff's off. i see it up on tv. >> what did you think? >> i thought -- i said i thought it was a big mistake and i thought it would lead to a special counsel. i think if the comey investigation had been allowed to continue, it would have taken another couple months and wrapped up. >> when is the first time during your white house service that you ever talked to bob mueller? >> well, bob mueller came in, you know, and gave advice or was interviewed as has been publically reported for fbi director. bob mueller, i was sitting in the outer office and mueller actually walked up to me. i never met him before in my life. i'm standing behind a computer terminal.
10:41 pm
he walks up and says -- he shook hands and said steve, i can't believe mueller is a marine. i can't believe somebody in the senior naval service allowed his daughter to matriculate at west point. i laughed and told somebody later, pretty thorough guy to know that. >> what was he trying to say to you? >> i think he was trying to introduce himself. he was actually there to give advice on the type of person we should select to be fbi director. >> this is pretty fascinating. you are there working in the white house right after comey is fired. then he, what, goes into the oval. you say you are a witness of fact, which is a good thing for you. you haven't been advised that you are something worse in their eyes. were you a witness regarding obstruction or collusion or both? >> i think for all of it. i think i'm a witness of fact for all of it.
10:42 pm
they don't really kind of bifurcate. i have been to capitol hill a couple of times. i'm a witness of fact there also. >> when you set the trump tower meeting was treasonous, what about it made it treasonous in your view? >> i don't think you ought to ever have people have other countries come in and do opposition research. you just had to get down there and drill down on it, as we did when i took over the campaign on that monday. i was now ceo of the campaign. on that monday, the first day we took over, we put out i think a statement from then candidate trump that was about paul manafort when manafort was i think getting ready to resign and we mentioned clinton cash. >> by your standard it is that knowledge of the foreign offer of help? >> well, not the foreign offer
10:43 pm
of help. i think it is even just trying to do something like that. >> if donald trump knew about that, then he was in on treasonous behavior in your standard? >> no. look. it hasn't been proven he knows anything about it. we don't know anything about it. >> but you said -- >> he has denied knowing anything about it. >> you said there is zero chance donald jr. didn't tell him. >> you have to take michael cohen for michael cohen. you don't know what he's doing with federal authorities, what deals he's cutting, what he's trying to do. >> if a person knows about that in advance, then are they part of treasonous behavior by your standard. >> you have to call into question. if somebody is out there trying to get information from foreign powers, you have to question it, yeah. >> if mueller could prove that about donald trump, that would concern you. >> it would definitely concern me, yes, but the president has been pretty adamant that he didn't know about it and hasn't known about it. >> when we come back, we get into charlottesville and more
10:44 pm
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. there is perhaps no controversy that has dogged president trump and steve bannon more than their both sides response to the violence and killing of a counter protester in charlottesville at a white supremacy unite the right rally just over a year ago. the incident came a week before bannon was leaving the white house. trump's response ignited nor pain and revulsion on the issues of racism and civil rights. i asked steve bannon about the
10:48 pm
issue today. >> charlottesville. >> yep. >> was the president wrong to say there was blame on both sides? >> no. he's absolutely correct. the whole discussion, what the president was saying, go back and look at those statements he made. if you look at it, what he's saying is that the discussion about the confederate monuments, whether the confederate monuments should be covered, whether they should be removed, whether it is a part of heritage, there are people on both sides. that's a first amendment right to debate that and march on that and protest on that. >> let's look at what -- >> hang on. if you talk about the neo-nazis and the confederates and the kkk, i think the president has been adamant in saying those of those parties are wrong. both shouldn't with allowed to come there and start to cause havoc.
10:49 pm
>> this is what the president said. let's go to the words. quote, i think there is blame on both sides. you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. nobody wants to say it. but i will say it right now. it was the organizers of the rally that talked about anti-black prejudice, that chanted antise mettic slogans and there is a second-degree murder charge for heather's death right now. >> when you talk about the confederate monuments, whether they should stay or not or be covered or not, the president is saying there is good people on both sides. okay? when you talk about the people that come there for violence, he's condemned those people. he condemned the neo-nazis and the kkk. he also condemned antifa. the problem with the left and the problem with the main street media, you're giving them a complete free pass. they are just as violent. they are just as violent as these kkk guys and they have to be condemned. i have actually advocated even a
10:50 pm
situation like charlottesville. to me they shouldn't have the right to march because they come looking for a fight. they come to do violence. what you are seeing is not just a tremendous cost, but you are also seeing vviolence. i think the president, i think his word is being smeared. i don't think he could be more adamant about that. look at the march that happened the other day. nine guys let's focus on charlottesville. >> marginal people, these marginal guys a platform and make them bigger than they are. >> let's finish on charlottesville and we can talk about anything you want to bring up. >> what charlottesville? the anniversary? >> the anniversary. i'm referring to the original time when there was this killing and there was not a killing on both sides, there was a killing on one side. >> a killing on one side. our panel is live with reaction to what you just heard next. what will you discover with a lens made by essilor?
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we're back with our live panel, steve schmidt, neera tanden and jason johnson. neera, we've been watching this interview with steve bannon. his defense on charlottesville? >> yeah, i think he's -- his statements are just reprehensible and as you point out in the interview, i just need to say again, one person died here in charlottesville, her name was heather heyer, the president never talked about her, never discussed her, steve bannon still trying to equate antifa with the people who came in, initiated the whole thing,
10:55 pm
announced over and over statements like "jews will not replace us," racist, virulently anti-semitic remarks and still steve bannon, who was the adviser to the president and probably fuelled his racist remarks at the time and i believe it is racist to equate these groups. i will also make a side note. on the mueller investigation, steve bannon said at the time there's no way donald trump didn't tell -- donald trump jr. didn't tell donald trump his dad about that meeting but now when he's trying to raise money from millions of people to support donald trump he's saying oh, yeah, no, donald trump never did that or i don't know that that happened or he denied it. i think we should take his statements at the time, not today. >> all this week we've been having conversations as to whether or not omarosa should get this kind of airtime. this is a reminder of where that
10:56 pm
discussion should go. this man is a terrorist sympathizer and he's trying to spin it to an american audience. he is the father of the alt-right. the alt-right are white nationalists. you can't accomplish white nationalism without violence. and what happened in charlottesville was a protest march that turned into a terrorist attack and he's going to try to spin that to the best of his ability. you can say antifa is as bad. it's like saying batman and the joker isn't the same. antifa exists to be anti-fashionist and he is a supporter of fascists so how many times he sprinkles on this toured, we know what smells and it's important to focus that any man like this who wants to be a part of mainstream american politics is a danger and he should be called as such every time he opens his mouth. >> steve your reaction to any and all of the above? >> well, steve bannon 1 verbally dexterous enough to do what jason just said he did which is to legitimize these white
10:57 pm
nationalist groups, neo-nazi groups to place them into the mainstream of american politics. these people are radical but there's radical people on the other side. he sets up this equivalence argument and in august of 2017 neo-nazis carrying torches straight of the sa in 135 marched on charlottesville, virginia chanting "jews will not replace us." there are no good nazis. the only good nazi, in fact, and we understood this by the end of world war ii, was a dead nazi. the nazi movement venerates the most evil leader of the most evil regime in all of human history that committed its greatest crime. these whooints, these racist, these klansmen, they have emboldened under this vile and racist administration and that's
10:58 pm
ground truth so you can see the verbal gymnastics and equivalence steve bannon lays down but here in 2018 white nationalists, racist have been emboldened by this president and i heard steve bannon, what i think the news of the interview is is basically acknowledge that if donald trump, in fact, knew the purpose of the meeting was to get information from the russians about hillary clinton which he most certainly knew because bannon was telling the truth when he said there is no way donald trump jr. had the meeting and didn't report to daddy. >> he did say that and building on that point he conceded under questioning that that would be very concerning. that is exact thing mural's probing, that michael cohen will reportedly testify to and that
10:59 pm
neera and i pointed out, steve bannon believed donald trump was in on seeking the foreign help. >> so when we find out that is what happened, that in his estimation the president committed treason, that's the news of this interview tonight. >> neera? >> i agree. i think the reality here is that steve bannon said at the time and he says today dealing with the russians was treasonous, was traitorous and he knows that donald trump jr. told his dad and we all know he told him there's the infamous call placed but it's reality and that is the fact that he will have to concede that. >> he would not tell me the number of days but he had a vol numb louse detailed meeting with mueller and he's smart enough to not lie about that so he may have laid the predicate for that.
11:00 pm
jason johnson gets our final comment. >> i am glad you got the opportunity to speak to him. it's tosht know how dangerous he is but i don't want to hear from this man again. we have a history of country of terrorism, the klan is a terrorist organization, we are in danger. i really appreciate the vigor, the rigor and the seriousness of what are serious topics. my special thanks to jason johnson here in washington to steve schmidt. i want to thank everyone for watching at home. if you want to see the entire interview, it will be posted on and people can make up their own minds. i now turn it over to the 11th hour with brian williams starting now. >> tonight, john brennan said trump is


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